Preserving our historic Arena Theater as a community resource and providing diverse entertainment, education, and performing arts.


Arena Theater Association embraces and unites our rural coastal community and beyond through accessible, quality theater experiences. The theater is driven by a member-elected volunteer board supported by dedicated staff, volunteers, and members.

Who We Are

Arena Theater is a 1929-vintage vaudeville playhouse and motion picture theater, restored in 1996 to an Art Deco style, state-of-the-art entertainment venue with generous support from local artisans and financial donations. Situated on Highway One in Point Arena’s historic district, Arena Theater is a vibrant cultural center, offering an eclectic mix of programming for our rural, diverse community.

Equipped with digital technology and a superb sound system, Arena Theater today is poised as one of the best, albeit small, entertainment venues, anywhere! It’s able to accommodate between 175 and 250 people for weekly first-run movies, documentaries, art and classic films, live telecasts of the Metropolitan Opera and the National Theater, in addition to live performances ranging from musical artists of international reputation to excellent local musicians as well as comedy shows, dance, and theatrical productions.

The historic building is maintained and constantly upgraded by dedicated volunteers, with a small staff taking care of the day-to-day operations.

Arena Theater is maintained by the Arena Theater Association, a membership-driven community non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a membership-elected board. Directors are elected to three year terms with 3 of the 9 board members elected each year.

Arena Theater is available for rentals and other private events. Click here for information on rentals and for other private events.


Long-time theater members Jean Ohman and Mitch McFarland have collaborated on an extensive “History of Arena Theater,” click here and dive into the long storied history of this coastal gem!

Arena Theater strives to be a state of the art, not-for-profit venue. Click below for a list and description of the theater’s media capabilities, and let us know if you have anything you would like to contribute to the continued evolution of our theater.

Click below for a list and description of the theater’s sound system specs; we do have a backend option in very special circumstances. And do contact us if you have anything you would like to contribute to our theater.

Arena Theater stage
Arena Theater Stage View
Arena Theater Lobby
Arena Theater Kiosk
Arena Theater Foyer
Arena Theater snack bar
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