Arena Theater Short Film Festival

Welcome to our first-ever Arena Theater Short Film Festival!

We will be screening award-winning short films from across the country and around the world as well as by local filmmakers. In addition, Saturday night will include a screening of “Town Destroyer,” produced by KGUA’s Peggy Berryhill.

Here’s the program at a glance, for tickets click on the program name.

Friday, November 10
7pm: International Shorts Program

Saturday, November 11
11:00 to 12:30 pm: Ocean Shorts Program
1:00-2:30: Comedy Shorts Program
3:30-5:00: Local/Regional Shorts Program
5:30-6:30: Closing Reception (not a stand alone event, comes with the $75 ticket)
7:00-8:30: Feature film “Town Destroyer” with Peggy Berryhill, includes the short “Ghosts”

Ticket prices:
$12 for one program (click on the desired program above)
$50 Festival pass for all 5 programs
$75 Festival pass + Closing Reception (includes food and drink) limited tickets available

Arena Theater Short Film Festival

Ticket Prices

$12 for One Program (see left side of page for film descriptions)
$50 Festival Pass for all 5 Programs
$75 Festival Pass + Closing Reception
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